10 Brilliant Ways for Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer

10 Brilliant Ways for Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer

We are just starting April and temperatures are skyrocketing already. There are a lot of talks about heat waves throughout India and many states are facing drought. Already many parts of Chennai city are facing a complete shortage of drinking water as the ground water level is running dry. It is quite understandable that how your electricity bill will touch the sky during peak summer as you tend to use a lot of AC. We have come up with 10 ways by which you can opt for cheaper alternatives to keep your home cool during summer.

1. Windows: Keep the windows closed during daytime and open them at night. During summer, hot air keeps circulating during the daytime. So keep the windows closed and once the sun sets, open all of them.

2. Thermocol: Use thermocol ceiling which absorbs heat and keeps your room cool. This is nothing new as this has been implemented in a lot of commercial establishments. You can do the same for your bedroom and this will help your AC function more efficiently.


3. Lighting: Replace all incandescent bulbs with energy efficient LEDs that have a cool daylight color.

4. Electrical Appliances: Don’t use heat generating devices like a washing machine, dishwasher, etc during day time. Use them early in the morning or late in the evening. This will reduce the heat in your home.

5. Bed Sheets: Avoid using silk, wool or polyester bed sheets in summer. Replace them with light weight cotton sheets or linen.

6. Paint: Repaint your house with heat reflecting paints. If you can’t afford to repaint the whole house, opt for chemical paints for the roof which are made to reflect direct sunlight and keep your rooms cool. You can also opt for a much cheaper chemical treatments for your roof. They tend to block the heat completely from entering into your rooms.

7. Switch off Devices: Turn off all the lights and electrical points at night. If you are not using television or washing machine then don’t keep them plugged in. Try to switch off any kind of unnecessary light to reduce the temperature.

8. Summer Friendly Beds: Try to alter your beds. Try to opt for low-level beds. During summer hot air in the room tends to go high, so try to lie as low as possible. Also, consider buying a water bed for cooler nights. Water beds absorb heat faster and give a comfortable sleeping experience.

9. Ice Cubes and Fan: Place a pan of ice cubes in front of a fan. The breeze from the fan will blow the ice and give you an AC like environment. This is a short term solution yet effective. You can also place a large bowl full of ice under the ceiling fan which will cool the entire room.

10. Curtains: Buy and use window shutters or blinds if you have glass windows, which lets sunlight pass through. A cheaper alternative is to buy sunblock curtains.

You can try to implement some of the above-mentioned suggestions to keep your home cool and pleasant in this hot summer. If you are interested in keeping your home smell good, then read this article.

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