10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Green Home

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Green Home

A green home is one of the best inventions in recent times in the field of construction and civil engineering. Green homes are helping our environment stay pollution-free and also are highly energy efficient. There are many aspects of a green home construction, we will be writing about 10 possible mistakes that you can avoid while building a green home.

1. Building away from Sunlight

This is a big mistake when it comes to building a green home. One of the primary sources of energy for green homes is solar energy which is derived from sunlight. When you buy your plot, make sure it gets direct sunlight. In some cases, nearby tall buildings might cast their shadow on your home.

2. Building Big

People who opt for green buildings generally consider building a bigger house with a lot of rooms and ample open space. Though open space is an integral part of the green home, it is important that you remain conservative while building. Don’t go for big just because you can afford it. Build only what is required.

3. Destroying the ecosystem

The primary objective of a green home is to keep the environment clean and untouched. It is important that you don’t build in a new area. When you build in a new area, you might need to cut down trees and plants which might grow there. If you build in a forest area, you will endanger the lives of species living there. It is advised to construct in villages or towns compared to the forest.

4. Not doing the research

A green home is an evolving and fast growing subject. New technologies are emerging every day. It is ideal that you keep reading about latest trends in green homes. Not doing the research will lead you to use obsolete technologies for green concepts.

5. Not going Minimal Design

Minimal design will ensure that you don’t have anything that is not necessary. This means throwing out unnecessary things which will reduce clutter. Also, make sure you remove all the building materials once complete.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Green Home

6. Not insulating your home

Ample amount of insulation is an important concept of green homes as it reduces the room temperature which leads to lower energy consumption in the form of AC and Coolers.

7. Not having a Rooftop garden

Green home means going completely green and your roof plays an integral part. If you are an eco-friendly person, then installing a roof-top garden is a must have a thing.

8. Not Buying Energy Efficient Products

This includes the star rated energy saving electrical appliances like AC, TV, Fridge, water heater, etc. One of the concepts of a green home is low current consumption and it can be achieved by using energy saving products.

9. Not using Recycled products

You can use a lot of recycled materials for your home. Some of them are recycled wood, recycled glass, plastic, recycled waste water, etc.

10. Not using Water Saving Products

Saving water is the primary part of green homes. Make sure to re-use the water from the washing machine, RO water purifier, water from the shower, etc. Install a rainwater harvesting module to save water.

These are some of the possible mistakes that people are making while building a green home. You can take a note of them and try to avoid these mistakes in your planning and construction.

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