10 Money Saving Life Hacks For Your Home

10 Money Saving Life Hacks For Your Home

Did you know that a person can save around 20% of their monthly home cost without spending money? Yes, we were equally surprised as you were when we heard this. So we decided to research on the same and came up with a list of measure which anyone can follow and save their home cost.

1. Cool your Roof:

You can do any one of the followings to keep your roof heat proof.

  • Paint it white with lime: This will absorb sunlight and keep your rooms cooler.
  • Arrange layers of hay on top of the roof. This will block sunlight from hitting your roof.
  • Start a roof-top garden: a natural way to fight sun’s heat

You might be wondering, how these things will save money for you. All these tips will reduce the temperature in your room. So when you switch on the AC, it will be more efficient and will be consuming very less power.

2. Exteriors and Windows

You can do the following to save cost of electricity

  • Keep your windows closed during day time.
  • Install a bamboo curtain which will reduce the temperature.

These things will further reduce heat and will help in AC functioning effectively. When the room temperature is already reduced by natural means, you can either save money by not using the AC or even if you use AC, it will consume very less power.

3. Switch to LEDs

Replace all your conventional lighting with latest LEDs. Even replace CFL with LEDs. LEDs consume very less power compared to other lighting sources. Also, the lifetime of LED bulbs is much higher. LEDs also emit less amount of heat compared to old bulbs.

4. Always keep your clothes in a cool dry place

If you are using a closet for keeping clothes, make sure it remains tightly closed for the most part of the day. This will increase the lifetime of your clothes and also increase the efficiency of AC.

5. Save on Water Flush:

Water has become a scarce resource in a city like Chennai and with the failing monsoon, most of us are buying water from outside. You can save a lot of water in your toilet flush.

  • Open the lid of the toilet flush and insert a brick at the bottom. Now every time you flush, 20% of the water will be saved. You can also use a 1 Litre bottle for the same objective.
  • If you have a single button flush, replace it with 2 buttons each disbursing different amount of water. This will save around 60% of daily water usage.
  • Fix leaking flushes and taps: Make sure fix any leaks in your flush as this might lead to a lot of water being wasted.

6. Use Kettles

Save on your LPG consumption by using kettles. Electric kettles or tea pods are an easy way to make tea and coffee. You can also use a kettle to boil water instantly. Most people tend to avoid this fearing electricity bill. The fact is electricity consumed kettle is very little compared to boiling the same with a gas stove.

7. Pick your channels wisely:

Around 80% of homes in Indian cities uses DTH service for watching tv. Those DTH channels have got 2 options for payment. Either you can take a pre-built package or you can make your own. Pre-built package comes with 50+ channels and out of which you will watch only 10. It is wiser to spend some time and analyze what are your most watched channels and buy them separately or making your own pack. This will save a lot on your monthly TV bill.

8. Reduce Brightness

This is an easy hack which will save a lot on your electricity bill. When you buy a TV from a shop, they tend to keep the brightness levels to 100% for showcasing highest quality. Higher the brightness more power it consumes. So reduce the brightness to an optimum level and also play with other parameters to get a good picture quality and save electricity.

9. Unplug electrical items

Generally, people use AC at nights and they switch it off during morning hours using a remote or main switch. It still consumes a small amount of power, please make it a habit to unplug AC after consumption. This applies to TV, heater, washing machines and all electrical appliances including cooking ones like coffee maker, mixer, grinder, etc. This will save around 5% of the electricity bill.

10. Do regular Maintenance

Keep things clean and having a good maintenance routine which will cut down your cost.


  • Clean your chimney every 14 days to keep it clean. A clean chimney consumes 20% lesser power compared to dirty and oily ones.
  • Clean AC filters every 25 days, this will save on your electricity cost.
  • Regular cleaning of water purifier will make it function smoothly and increase its lifetime.

While these are just 10 hacks to save money at your home, there are many more things which one can do to reduce their expenses. Maintain a budget and write down all your expenses and analyze them. You will find few more ways to reduce cost.

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