10 Tips to Increase Value of your Home on a Budget

10 Tips to Increase Value of your Home on a Budget

Increasing the value of your home is of highest importance before deciding to sell it. You can easily increase the valuation of your home by 10-20% extra by doing some home improvement hacks before listing it for sale. Here are the top 10 tips to increase the value of your home.

1. Paint it

This is the oldest trick in the book and it always works. A 10-year-old house will be transformed into a brand new one by painting it right. If your house is 10 years old, it means you have painted with the colors and trend which was there 10 years ago. When you replace it with a new paint which is trending in the market, not only your house gets a facelift but also becomes a new modern one.

2. Make it Eco-Friendly

This is a great way to increase the value of your home. When you convert your home into an eco-friendly one, it results in long term money savings. Let’s say you have an AC which is 6 years old and you replace the same with a 5-star  energy savings AC, you are going to cut down on your monthly electric bills for the next 5 years.

3. Varnish your Furniture

This is another simple way to convert your old furniture and doors into a brand new one. Most of the doors in the home are wood worked. They would have changed colors and become dirty over the years. Just hire a simple carpenter and ask him to re-varnish the doors. This cheap trick will make your door look brand new. You can also apply varnish to your furniture and give them an artistic look.

4. Clean, Clean & Clean

This is the simplest and the no-cost trick which will make wonders. A clean house impresses your buyers in the first look. It creates a sense of trust and pleases the buyer which gives you the edge to increase the cost.

5. Bath Fittings

Most of the bath fittings like taps, showers, wall-mixtures, etc would have become rustic and look bad. Instead of replacing them, try to recoat them and apply powder paint. In most cases, this will bring the shining on the surface of the metal fixtures and make them. Clean all the pores and make sure that the water flow is smooth. Fix any leaky taps. This will enhance the value of your bathroom, in turn increasing the value of your home.

home improvement tips6. Redoing the Tiles

If you have installed tiles for the floor 10 years back, they might have developed some cracks or collected some dust over the years. Using a vacuum cleaner remove all the dust that has been gathered in the edges. Then apply a thin coat of cleaning liquid on the tiles and wash it. If this doesn’t make the tiles look new, you might consider replacing them.

7. External Appearance

If you are having an individual house, then the external curb appeal really matters and it determines the cost of the house. You should impress the buyer even before he comes inside. Add some décor elements in the front of the house or add a bit lighting which makes your home stands out.

8. New Backsplash

This is the most affordable kitchen renovation which most of us fail to do. When it comes to kitchen renovation people consider replacing the cabinets or countertop. One least priced option is to replace the backsplash. Replace your old backsplash with a new and trendy one. Consider a glass or marble backsplash. Adding backlight to the backsplash makes your home look richer.

9. Interior Design Consultant

Hire a professional Interior decor consultant and ask him for a remodeling plan in a limited budget. He will give 2-3 plans and you can either chose one plan and implement it fully or use his suggestions and come up with your own. This one stuff will surely increase the value of your home.

10. Conceal all wirings

Be it electrical wiring or home theatre surround or TV cables, make sure all the wirings are concealed and kept hidden. This will provide a clutter-free atmosphere and give a clean look to your rooms thus increasing the total value.

The ideal scenario to sell your house is by increasing the value first, this will not only increase the cost but also fast-track the sales. We hope the above-listed tips will you in this aspect.

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