10 Ways to Stylish Your Kid’s Bedroom

10 Ways to Stylish Your Kid’s Bedroom

The two most important concepts of designing a kids room are safety and fun. Kids are always active and are constantly learning new things. Their rooms should be a key driver in their growth and education. We will be talking about various ways you can design your kid’s room

1. Keep Essentials at their height: Try to keep most frequently used things at their height’s reach. Things like pens, pencils, toys, water bottle, snacks, dresses, etc. Try to keep them below 3 feet height so that they can access them whenever needed. If they are kept at a height 5 feet, they will try to climb onto something leading them to fall and injure themselves.

2. Soften sharp edges: Try to avoid furniture and closets with sharp edges as they can cause injury to your kid. Also, make sure that the wall corners are also softened and not sharp.

3. Install a blackboard: Install a blackboard and also a white board on their walls. Kids when young love to write and scribble things on the wall. Most of the walls are damaged due to this and require repainting. Instead, put up boards where they can scribble all the time. This will keep your wall neat and tidy and also a fun filled experience for your kid.

4. Install glowing night stars: These are in the market for many years now and it is an essential part of the home decor for kid’s room. You can purchase stickers and paste it in the roof of their room. When the lights are switched off, they will glow and create a stunning effect for the kids which they will cherish.

10 Ways to Stylish Your Kid’s Bedroom

5. Encourage them to Collect: Kids are great collectors. They collect a vast variety of things like stamps, currency, postcards, photos, game cards, etc. So create a separate storage area for their collections. Make it kid friendly for them to add or remove collections.

6. Safeguarding their fingers: Kids are prone to various types of injuries, one common type is getting their fingers stuck in the door closing or closing the draws. This will create a lot of pain and discomfort. So install a slow closing module on all the draws and doors. This will slow the process of closing and safeguard your kid from getting struck

7. Put up full-width mirrors: Like adults, kids love mirrors. They would love to measure their daily growth by starring at the mirror most of the time. If you put up a full-width mirror on their walls, they would just love it. Try to get something which doesn’t break easily.

8. Put up a display board: Young kids loves to showcase their creations. So a display board is a great way for them to organize their arts and crafts. They can either pin their papers or paste them. Another option is to use a magnetic board.

9. Variable Lighting: Unlike adults, kids spend a lot of time on the floor. So try to install low-level lighting near the floor. Make sure it is protected by a transparent material. You can put up led light on their reading table.

10. Install a Painting board: On each birthday, ask your kid to put up their personal handprints on the board using a paint. After 5 years, they will see 5 hand prints each with different size. This will be a fun-filled activity something which will live in their memory for years to come.

Listed above are the safety measure and design ideas for decorating your kid’s room. Kids love bright colors, so try to repaint their room with their favorite color.

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