4 Affordable Ways to Make the Most of your Balcony.

4 Affordable Ways to Make the Most of your Balcony.

We are well past ahead of the cold winter months and the summer has already started. Living without an air conditioner is this heat is almost impossible. If you are blessed with a balcony in your apartment then it’s time to make the best use of it. In this busy lifestyle, a family can spend time on the balcony during their early morning coffee hours or in the evening. We have come up with 4 ways with which you can decorate and make the most of your existing balcony in a compact budget.

Coffee Place

The best thing to do in your balcony is to have your morning sip of coffee reading newspapers. Look for affordable outdoor or even indoor chairs for this matter and pair it up with a small coffee table. Convert your empty balcony into a coffee room with natural air and lighting. Relax in the morning and enjoy your tea or coffee with your loved ones. If you have a bigger size balcony, maybe you can add an L-Shaped sofa too and invite your neighbors for a tea party too. If you have a smaller size balcony then opt for cozy chairs and make sure they are placed facing the open size and inside. Have a pleasant conversation and start your day with coffee.



It is impossible to think of a private garden if you are living in an apartment. If you are a plant lover and love doing gardening then balcony is the best place to start. You can place some hanging plants that run downwards or upwards or you can opt for plants which will yield beautiful little flowers that create a natural scent in your balcony. This is easily the most affordable option to decorate your balcony.

Take a Vacation

Convert your balcony into a cozy vacation destination. One simple hack is to add a hammock to your balcony and just relax in it. We all love the experience of a hammock when you are holidaying in a beach resort. Why not convert your balcony into your very own resort. Add a hammock and with side table where you can keep your snacks and drinks to beat the heat. If the dimension of your balcony doesn’t allow installing a hammock go for a Cane swing chairs. As a child, we always loved the idea of swing chairs. Opt for a bamboo swing which are lightweight and which can be removed and fixed with ease.

A Natural Office

Work from home is a culture which is gradually catching up with our urban population. Most people who just need a laptop and internet connection to work prefer to work from the comfort of their homes and the companies are also encouraging this trend. Instead of working in your bedroom with an A/C, why not convert your balcony into your workplace. Install a chair along with a laptop table and add shades to your balcony. Your new office is ready. This gives you a breath of fresh air when you are working too.

We have discussed the best 4 options to decorate your balcony, you need to pick the one which best suits your balcony size and purpose. Whatever you do don’t forget to keep your balcony nice and cleaned all the time.

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