The 5 Best Ways to Search for Homes

The 5 Best Ways to Search for Homes

Finding a home for rent or sale it not an easy task, mainly considering the summer heat and the cost of homes. Good homes with decent valuations are sold instantly and it is tough to monitor all the offers which suit our requirements. This is why we have come up with a list of possible ways to find your dream home both using offline and online methods.

1. Use your personal contacts

Inform your close ones that you are looking to buy a new home. Some of these contacts can be

  • relatives
  • friends
  • office associates
  • neighbors
  • Social acquaintances

You can either call them personally or just Whatsapp them as most of the people use WhatsApp now. Homes that comes through them are most trustable and also reliable ones.

2. Use Local Classifieds

Use local area newspapers which have the classifieds section. You can mention what kind of home you are looking to buy and area constraints etc along with your contact number or email. Local newspaper ad will only cost around Rs.300 per distribution. Most of these local newspapers are published weekly once and come in both local and English languages.

The 5 Best Ways to Search for Homes

3. Use online classifieds

There are a lot of free classifieds portals which you can make use of. People who are selling their homes will create a free ad in those portals you can just search based on your preferred location and you will find their contact details. This is a free way to search for homes. Some of the popular online classified sites are OLX, Quikr, Sulekha, etc. There are 100s of more classified websites available you can find them easily by a Google search.

4. Use Real Estate Marketplaces

These are sites dedicated for real estate buying, selling and renting. Anyone can register and list their property for sale along with detailed information like cost, facilities, area, benefits, etc. You can use the options and filter results based on your location, budget, the number of bedrooms, etc. This is the best way to find millions of properties instantly. These portals contain both free and paid options. With the free option, you can search all the properties but the number of contact details provided will be either none or limited. If you opt for a paid package you can easily see more owner contact numbers which will fast track your search.

5. Use Facebook Groups

There are a lot of Facebook groups which are dedicated only for real estate listings. People will list their [properties with detailed information. You just need to join those groups. Some of them might require approval so you need to wait for a day or two before being accepted. Once you are in, you can get a daily notification about the properties being added for sale and rent. In addition to searching for the properties, you can also create a post listing your requirements. People who have the property that fits your needs will reply to your post and communicate accordingly.

You can either use anyone of the above-mentioned methods or use them in combinations. Don’t start your search before you finalize basic things like budget, location, facilities required, etc.

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