5 Creative Ways to Keep your Home Smell Amazing

5 Creative Ways to Keep your Home Smell Amazing

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” – We all have heard and also used this quote at least once in our lifetime. We all know the importance of living in a clean and a dust free home. We generally think cleanliness in a home is all about the appearance. This is partly true, but cleanliness also means living in a pleasant environment without any kind of foul smell. Interior decorators give a lot of significance to furniture and looks, but mostly avoid adding scent to your home. We will be looking at possible ways to keep your home smell fresh and amazing. There are a lot of affordable and creative products available in the market to add scent to your home. All these products aside, we will also discuss some home based hacks to add scent.

Scented Products

These are the basic products which you can find in most of the stores both offline and online. Some of them are an air freshener, room freshener, home diffuser, scented light bulbs, etc. Some of the latest entrants in this area include scented curtains, scented towels, etc. These are both easily available and also inexpensive.

keep your home smellHome Based Hacks

I am sure we all love the smell of lavender then why not make it work for us? Whenever you prefer to add some scent to your home, just simmer water in your pan and add some citrus slices along with Lavender. This slow boiling will release the smell of lavender gradually into the air and make your stay a pleasant one. You can also replace lavender with mint or any other scents herbs for that instance. It all depends on your preference. This can really come to the rescue when you have a house party.

Scented Candles

Scented candles have gradually grown into our lives. Scented candles came to India only recently but have seen a tremendous growth. It has become one of the most frequently gifted items in weddings and house warming functions. They are best suited for your bedrooms and in some cases for your bath too. There is one simple hack with which you can use the scented candles for a longer period of time. Instead of lighting the scented candles, place them in strategic locations in your home. The smell of scented candles lasts longer and you will be surprised by its impact.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are one of the coolest innovations in recent times. Indoor plants bring a fresh air of oxygen to your homes and also give an eco-friendly appearance. Look for scented indoor plants and place them in correct locations in your room. Some examples are on top of the coffee table, on the inner side of the window, on top of the shoe rack, etc. Unlike other products, this gives a natural smell to your home and provides a healthy atmosphere.

Scented Paints

This is something which still being evolved. Some companies have launched paints which have scented properties. They claim to emanate scent for a lifetime. These are a bit expensive when compared to normal paints. This is something which you can surely experiment on.

We have discussed both the products available in the market and also home back tips to add smell to your home. You must remember that before you try any of the above, you need to remove dirt from your home. Keep your garbage tightly closed and dispose of them regularly. For similar tips and information for your home do subscribe to our blog.

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