5 Effective Ways to Add Colour to your Home

5 Effective Ways to Add Colour to your Home

Adding colours to your life is very important. Each and every colour has got its own set of properties and their effects on human beings. We take great care in selecting the best colour for painting the house. Once that is done, we don’t give much importance to colour in our homes. There are a lot of things which are present in our homes which can be decorated with bright and warm colours to make your home more appealing and pleasant to the eyes. We will look at some of the options by which one can add colours to the home.


This is easily the best and affordable choice for decorating your walls and also to add colour to your existing home. This does not require any additional construction or modification. You just need to buy the wallpapers that fit your wall size and paste it. They come in wide variety of colours and designs. If you select the wallpaper colour based on your paint and curtains, it will make your living room look splendid.

olour to your Home


The major part of the living room will be occupied by your furniture. Furniture like Sofa Set, coffee table, chairs, wall cabinets, etc makes up the living room in most households. You can change the upholstery in your sofas to match the colour of your home. Another creative way to add colour to furniture is by adding a colourful tablecloth to the dining table. This will make your dining experience colourful too.


The great thing about curtains is that they are multipurpose. They prevent sunlight from entering the house, reduce dust inflow and last but not least add colour to your home. One big reason why curtains are loved by most of the people is because of their cost. Starting at Just Rs.300 you can keep changing them frequently. Opt for bright and bold colours for your curtains and pair them up with window blinds too. This gives a stunning effect to your home. If needed you can also add door curtains to your home but make sure they are of the same design and colour as your window curtains. Bamboo based curtains are gaining significance in recent years and they give a more natural and eco-friendly colour to your home. One drawback of using bamboo curtains is that they are prone to insects.


Traditionally people rarely think about doing anything with their ceiling. The only thing that hangs in the ceiling are the fans. This is gradually changing and people are looking for options to decorate ceilings too. It is mostly neglected but has got tremendous potential. Some of the bold trends which are picking up recently with respect to ceilings are

  • Adding tiles
  • Adding Paintings
  • Starlight for bedroom
  • False ceilings
  • Etc…

Almost in all modern constructions, you will find a lot of empty space on the ceiling which can be used for decoration. All you need to do is find out what best suits your home type and go for it. Opt for something which doesn’t require frequent cleaning as cleaning the roof is not easy.

These are just 5 means to add colours to your existing boring homes and make them look bright and beautiful. There are other smaller options too.

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