5 Quick Tips to Improve the Lighting in your Home

5 Quick Tips to Improve the Lighting in your Home

Having a well-lit place is extremely important for a happy life. Whenever you buy an apartment it comes with the basic lighting like a Tube and a normal holder for each room. The typical Indian will install a tube and also a bulb CFL/led as well. A single tube light is not good enough to distribute lighting for the complete room. This leads to some places in the room being on the darker side. It is crucial that you spend some time and money in improving the lighting in the home. Here are top 5 tips for the same.

Add a Mirror

A mirror is a mandatory object for a bedroom or bath but how many of you are aware of the lighting benefits of the mirror. Mirrors; if placed strategically can increase the lighting of the home a lot.

Lighting in your Home

Opposite to Windows: If the mirror is placed direct opposite to the window, the incoming sunlight will fall on the mirror and it will be reflecting throughout the room. This will enhance the general lighting in the room.

Adjacent to Windows: If the mirror is placed adjacent to the window, the incoming light will fall on the mirror and mimic the window. This will create an artificial window effect. Your mirror will look like a secondary window increasing the overall brightness of the room.

Add Task Lighting

Don’t just settle with the overhead light or the generic tube light, instead look for task specific lighting options. Some of the task specific lighting options are study light, lighting for the mirror, table lamp, kitchen counter lighting, etc. These lights though smaller will provide light where required.


This is one simple thing which will make a huge difference to the lighting in your home. Make sure to keep your windows, bulbs, lights cleaned all the time. A bulb with a lot of dust will only give partial lighting. Most of us take the time to clean our fans, cabinets, sofa, etc but ignore to clean the lights as they are mostly placed at a higher place. Have a schedule to clean all the lighting sources in the home like bulbs, mirrors, windows, curtains, etc. This will enhance both look and also the overall lighting of the home.

Add a dimmer

We need different levels of lighting for different tasks. We need bright light to eat, read, etc. We need slightly lower lighting for watching TV at night. Instead of adding different layers of lighting, we can just add a dimmer to the existing light. You can increase or decrease brightness as per your requirements whenever needed.

Add Corner Lighting

Light bulbs are mostly placed in the center of the room and so the corners are not well lit. You can add small bulbs to the corners of the room and thus enhance the lighting throughout the room. Another option is to add lighting to the bottom of the wall near the flooring. For bedrooms, you can opt for candle lights in the corners instead of electrical bulbs.

These are the possible ways which will improve the lighting in your home. You can also control the incoming natural lighting using different curtains. Try to buy LED bulbs as they are eco-friendly and also long lasting compared to CFL. If you are looking to buy a new property do visit Directowners.

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