5 Things to Consider when Buying a Luxury Home

5 Things to Consider when Buying a Luxury Home

Only a handful of people in Chennai can afford to buy a luxury home and if you are one of them, then you should be really proud of it. The process of buying a luxury home is completely different from that of buying a normal home in India. Everything changes except for the registration and taxes. We have come up with a detailed guide on how to find and buy your dream luxury home.

1. Where to search: Unlike regular homes, luxury homes are not easily listed on real estate marketplace or newspaper classifieds. They are mostly sold by high-end brokers who have good contacts. The property is mostly kept the secret to safeguard the privacy of the owner. Don’t approach normal brokers for luxury homes. The best way to search is through personal networking. Spread the word among your friends that you are looking to buy a luxury home and they might know someone who is selling. There are also some clubs or societies for High Net Worth individuals (HNIs) where you can find suitable sellers.

2. Space: One of the basic factors that define the luxury home is the size of the house. Anything less than 3000 sq ft in the area could not be considered as a luxury home. Room sizes also make a statement. The master bedroom should be more than 200 sq ft and there should be enough open space to relax.

3. Amenities: Some of the cool facilities to look for in a luxury property are

  • swimming pool
  • lawn/landscape
  • More than one covered car park
  • Separate guest house or room for servants
  • Full-fledged smart home with security
  • Most of the things are automated like opening and closing of gates, curtains, etc
  • Roof-top garden
  • High-end kitchen cabinets
  • Jacuzzi

These are some of the facilities to look for in a luxury home. The most important being the complete power backup facility. You should never face the power cut even in elevators and water motors.

4. Design and Style

Nothing in a luxury home should appear normal. All the stuff should look modern and elite starting from a tap, switches, locks, doors, windows, flooring, bath-fittings, etc. Everything should be hand-picked and bought from the best brands. The external architecture of the house should reflect the richness of the owner. It should be unique and stand out in the crowd.

5. Location

This is the most important of all. In most of the cities in India, builders offer luxury homes in the remote part of the city. The primary reason being the availability of cheap lands. If you are a true luxury-loving person, you should never choose something like this. Your luxury home should be in a luxury area of the city. Most of the houses in the neighborhood should also be rich. There is no meaning in having an uber-luxury home in a slum. Choose the area carefully.

The above-listed factors are only a small gist of information required to start your search for luxury home. There are many other things which you need to consider before selecting the best one.

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