5 Things to Keep in Mind before Installing a False Ceiling

5 Things to Keep in Mind before Installing a False Ceiling

One of the best pieces of home décor you can ever imagine is the invention of false ceiling. Adding a false ceiling to your existing room enhances the appearance manifold. The beauty and richness a false ceiling brings to your home are immense. False ceiling; once considered as a luxury item is now a common practice in most of the homes both in cities and also in local towns. They have gained huge popularity in the last decade and have become a must-have for home design lovers. Now let us look at various factors that you should consider while installing the false ceiling.

1. The height of the room: False ceiling tends to occupy some part of the room. It could be a few inches to feet. Whatever be the type of false ceiling you prefer, do make sure that you have enough head room in the house after the false ceiling is installed. It is better to avoid them if the height of your room is relatively shorter. If the height of your room is shorter, you can opt for false ceiling which is a lot less thick.

2. Maintenance: The cost of maintaining a false ceiling is not high, but it does require regular maintenance in the form of cleaning. So consider whether you can afford that time each and every month. Most of the false ceiling comes in white or cream color and they tend to show off dirt easily. If you don’t have time to clean it regularly, you can also look for other colors like brown or green, based on your taste and existing painting.

3. The size of the False Ceiling: You can either cover the whole roof or only the part surrounding the fan. You can also do false ceiling only at the corners. The choice is yours and it is a decision which you make based on your room dimension and things in that room like a wardrobe, cabinets, etc,


4. Durability: The life of a false ceiling is much lesser compared to a real ceiling. So keep this in mind while choosing the false ceiling type. Some types tend to have a higher lifetime compared to others. Some ceiling is required to be replaced completely on damage while in some others, you can replace only the damaged part. False ceiling has a higher probability of being damaged and may require repairs and replacements. So keep in mind the possible repair cost that might occur during the lifecycle of the false ceiling.

5. Other Benefits: It is widely believed that false ceiling is used primarily for enhancing the aesthetics of the room. Aesthetics apart, false ceiling do provide a lot of other benefits like

  • A thermocol false ceiling will keep your room cool
  • Some false ceiling increase the energy efficiency of your room
  • False ceiling in your bathroom can keep it tidy

These are some of the important factors to consider before choosing the false ceiling. By all means, investing in a false ceiling is a positive move and will yield you great benefits.

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