5 Tips to Select Exterior Paint Colors for your Home

5 Tips to Select Exterior Paint Colors for your Home

When it comes to painting your home, it is imperative that you choose the best option available. Painting is a process which you might do once in a decade or two, so it is wise to spend some money and get the best output possible. This article will act as a guide in selecting the paint and colors for your home exteriors.

1. Single Color Variants

This is the basic and most widely used option in India. You have to choose one paint color and all the supporting colors will be different shades of this same paint. Instead of looking for different colors, selecting different tones of the same color will give a universal and pleasant look to your exteriors. This is considered as one of the safest options as it is unlikely to fail.

2. Opt for Bright Colors

This is a trend which is prevalent in Indian villages mostly in southern India. Bright colors attract goers and give a positive statement to your home. You should be careful while choosing the bright colors as it should not look too bright and shiny. Don’t opt for powerful red or blue, instead of bright green or yellow will be a good choice for bright colors which are not too bright.

5 Tips to select exterior paint colors for your home

3. Day and Night

This is the biggest mistake made by most of the house owners in India. When they choose a color they just consider the sunny daylight and completely ignore the night time visibility. The color chosen by you should look exactly the same in both bright daylights as well as at during dark night hours. It should not change when the artificial lights come up during nights. At the time of selecting the paint color, test the same in a dark place too in order to get a clear idea.

4. Add Texture

Instead of painting the exterior plain try to add some texture. You can add some wall tiles or just bricks instead of going for a glossy finish throughout. Make sure the area of texture has a different color compared to rest of the home. The area which has the texture should be painted with a light color. This will give a rich and stylish look to your home compared to boring plain walls.

5. Make the best use of door, windows and Balconies

When it comes to painting the exterior there are just 3 elements which can stand out apart from the basic wall surface. Make sure to have the same color for both doors and windows and it should be contrasting to the main color of the house. The balcony is the area where you generally relax so try to give a soothing color for the balconies. Another option is to use different shades of the same color for door and windows and use contrasting curtains.

We have listed all possible factors to be considered while choosing the exterior paint, please take these into consideration at the time of painting and also take a measured decision based on your house shape and locality.

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