5 Tips for Selling your Home

5 Tips for Selling your Home

A person could be selling their home for many reasons like

  • Buying another property
  • Relocating to another country
  • To settle debts or planning a wedding.

Whatever be the reason, the most important thing is to make sure you get the best value for it. There are few important factors which determine the value of the property like Age, conditions of the building, location, etc. When you are planning to sell your home it is important to get the best price and also sell it in a short period of time. This article will guide in the best practices to achieve the same.

1. Market Value Estimation

Important thing is to estimate the best price it can be sold for. Don’t provide a huge price and wait for months without being sold. Do some research and find out what’s the current pricing in your area and add depreciation based on your property’s age. If your home is furnished, then take those into consideration. If your property has got all legal documents and qualifies for a home loan, then you can price it accordingly.

2. Create a Rockstar Listing

When listing your home for sale in a real estate portal, make sure you fill all possible details. A picture is worth 1000 words. So take best photos of your home both interior and exterior and make it stand out. Always list it with a 3-5% premium and mention the price is negotiable. When there is a qualified buyer, you have the buffer to negotiate. Create a friendly and a trusted listing. Based on the response, you can also try paid featured listings.

3. Avoid Brokers

Brokers unnecessarily increase the valuation and in most cases will bring customers who are unlikely to buy your home. They might also cause some negative reputation on the property. Stick to online marketplaces and local newspapers. Other options include listing your property for sale in Facebook communities. Don’t forget the best option which is word of mouth, spread the word that you’re house is up for sale through your friends and associates.

4. Make it attractive

Spend some time in cleaning the small scratches and dust if any. If your property is really old, it’s better to a repaint it. First impression is the best impression, so make sure your house looks nice and tidy for the buyer’s eyes.Tips for selling your home5. Think from a Buyer’s perspective

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer and think whether you will be ready to pay this much for this property. If the answer is no, consider revising the price or increase its value by making it look rich. Explain all possible benefits of buying this home. Some of them are

  • Location
  • Amenities nearby
  • Quality of construction
  • Availability of ground water
  • Interior decor like bath fittings and electrical fittings used

These are just 5 of the best options to sell your home quickly for a better pricing. Each and every property has got its own pros and cons, so try to be transparent when you sell and hope for the best. Don’t forget to list your property for sale in directowners.com.

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