6 Home Improvements Ideas for this Summer

6 Home Improvements Ideas for this Summer

We are in the midst of summer with schools and colleges are off, it is the perfect time for home renovation. Summer is the best time for home improvement and we have decided to come up with home improvement ideas which are specific to the summer season.

1. Install a False Ceiling

The false ceiling is a fantastic approach to improving the overall look and feel of the home from inside. It is one of the most commonly used interior decoration module. Now you might wonder how this is related to summer? Most of the false ceilings are done using thermacol or some other similar materials. While the completed false ceiling enhances the appearance of the rooms, the thermacol used for installation keeps your room cool. They don’t allow heat to come down through the roof and act as an insulator. By installing a false ceiling you not only decorate your rooms but also get the additional benefit of keeping your house cooler.

2. Replace old lighting

If home improvement is in your mind, then consider replacing your existing lighting systems with the latest LED bulbs. They are available both as small bulbs and also as Tubes. A LED tube light is much smaller and looks much better than a traditional tube-light. Since they occupy only a small portion of the wall, you get extra space. Benefits of switching over to LEDS

  • They occupy only less space
  • They have better aesthetics
  • They consume very less power
  • They have a very high lifetime
  • They emit less heat compared to CFLs

Since they will emit lesser heat, it is a better option for summer too

3. Roofing

When it comes to external home improvement, roofing is the best option to improve. You can do anyone of the following to have a better roof.

  • Install a Rooftop garden
  • Repaint the Roof with lime and White paint

A Roof-top garden will enhance the over the appearance of your home. It will give your terrace a rich and eco-friendly look.  This will also reduce the heat in summer.

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4. Revamp your Balcony

During the hot summer, you would prefer to sit out in the evening and nights. If you don’t have a terrace then your only option is to use your balcony. Here are some of the ideas for improving your balcony.

  • Have some plants
  • Install an L-Shaped Sofa
  • Have a coffee table
  • Try to install a ceiling fan if you have a larger balcony

5. Windows and Curtains

This is easily the cheapest form of home improvement. Just replace your existing curtains with new ones. If it is summer, try to buy full sunblock curtains. Alternatively, you can also opt for eco-friendly options like bamboo blinds. These bamboo blinds increase the external look of the house by a huge margin. They are also very good at reflecting sun’s heat.

6. Smart Home

If you have a higher budget, then consider upgrading your home into a smart home. There are a lot of smart appliances that you can purchase and convert your existing home into a smart home. Some of them are

  • Automatic Power On-Off:
  • Smart Lock
  • Smart Alarms

These are just some of the home improvement ideas which will also benefit you during the months of summer. These improvements will not only enhance your home design but also keep your home cooler.

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