6 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

6 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

The term “Smart Home” is still relatively new in our country. The primary reason being the lack of awareness of its benefits. A smart home is a place where most of the things are either automated or secured through electronic devices. It is difficult to achieve a complete smart home right now, but we can opt for most of it. Here are 6 ways that you can convert your existing home into a smart home.

Video Door Bell

We all have a door bell for the incoming visitors. It is basically to notify the inmates that you have a visitor waiting outside for you to open the door. Let’s assume that you are cooking something important in your kitchen or in between prayers, you suddenly hear a door bell ringing. You have to stop whatever you’re doing and go and open the door. With a video doorbell, when someone rings the bell, their live face will be shown in your smartphone. You can decide based on the person whether to open it or answer him through the mobile itself. Let’s consider that the person is a laundry-wala and you don’t have clothes to wash for now. Instead of walking to the door and tell him personally, you can do this by speaking in your smartphone and it will be audible to the person standing outside. This gives you both convenience and also an extra layer of security.smart homeSmart Bulb and Fans

This is another easy way to make your daily life easier. You can control the electrical appliances in your home using the app on your mobile. You can switch on or off fans, lights, etc by the comfort of your bed. You are in your bed and realize that you forgot to switch off the light in the balcony, no need to get up. Just take your mobile and switch off that particular light and it will go off. Few advanced apps provide you with the facility to control the fan speed too.

Solar System for Geysers

A Smart Home is never complete with being eco-friendly. This is where Solar energy comes into play. Solar panels are expensive to install and are mostly neglected. Many people don’t realize that government provides a special subsidy to those who uses solar panels. You can install solar panels in your terrace and connect it with your geyser/water heater. This will cut short on your electricity bills.

Auto Cut-Off Water Tank System

Overflowing of water tank has been the age old problem in India in most houses. In fact, this is a daily happening in many houses across India. The amount of water lost in this process is breathtaking mainly when most cities and villages are fighting severe drought each year now. Auto Cut-Off is a small device which can be installed in your overhead tank. They will automatically switch off the motor before the tank is 100% full. This is not an expensive device and will save you both water and electricity.

Smart Lock

There are 3 types of smart locks available in the market.

  • You can open or close the lock using your mobile app.
  • You can open or close the lock using a password or pin
  • You can open or close the lock using your thumb impression – Biometrics

These kinds of locks are a bit expensive but 100% safer than traditional ones. If someone attempts to break them, you will get a notification in your mobile and also raises an alarm.

Smoke Detector

This is basically the fire alarm system which is installed in commercial establishments. Due to lack of awareness, we people don’t use it for homes. In most of the developed countries, the smoke detector is mandatory in homes as per law. This will help you save a lot of property damage in case of fire.

These are just some of the common appliances which can turn your home into a smart home. There are few more advanced and funky devices which will make your daily life both easier and also joyful. Don’t buy things blindly, identify your problem and buy accordingly.

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