8 Safety Tips for Women Living Alone

8 Safety Tips for Women Living Alone

Women, in general, are easy targets for burglars and when it comes to a woman who is living alone in a house are sure targets. Thieves are always looking out for homes with single occupants as they are easy to rob. This article will list out guidelines that a woman who is living alone should follow in order to be safe and secure.

1. Safe Location

If you are a single woman and living alone, you have a higher chance of being burgled or attacked. Single woman is easy targets for robbers and criminals and thus it is important that you take extra care. One of the first things to do is to pick the right neighborhood. Try to pick an area which has got a better history and avoid areas which have higher criminal records. Opt for gated communities as they are highly secured with both human security and also secured with advanced security systems.

2. Install a CCTV camera

People think that CCTV cameras are useful only to track thrives after the crime has taken place. Though this is true, CCTV cameras act as a great safeguard device too. Thieves generally avoid houses which are secured by CCTV cameras. They are afraid of cameras and that will keep them at bay. Prevention is better than cure; a CCTV camera helps in both prevention and also in nabbing the thief after the theft.

3. Install a personal Security App

This is one of the best solutions which we Indians completely ignore. It is obvious that most of us these days have a Smartphone be it Android or iPhone. There are a lot of personal security apps available in Playstore which are free of cost. These apps are extremely useful in case of burglary or attacks in your home. Some of the best features of these apps are

  • Loud Alarm
  • Sending your location to Emergency contacts just by pressing a button
  • Sending your location to nearby police station.
  • Share your location with closed ones

These apps are useful for the single woman who live alone and are free of cost too.

4. Socialize

There is nothing more important than having a friendly neighbor for a single woman. Start socializing with them once you move in. Talk to them when you go out for a walk or take some time to spend together. Help each other; these neighbors will give you a good feeling that you are not alone. It will be a great asset if they keep an eye out for your home when you are not there.

8 Safety Tips for Women Living Alone

5. Install a Security System

Advanced security systems which you can install for a nominal price is a must have for a woman living alone. This will ensure no one breaks into your home as it will sound an alarm when someone tries. If you opt for a premium apartment, these security systems are already installed for you and need customization with your Smartphone.

6 Don’t advertise that you are alone

Burglars prefer to scout for a woman living alone as they are easy to rob. So make sure you never give out signs that you are living alone. Here are some of the steps.

  • Always keep your curtains closed
  • Keep your house well lit both inside and outside. Thieves don’t like homes which are well lit
  • Try to invite your neighbors and friends to your home for a tea or dinner. This will give an impression that your home is always buzzing with people and not alone.

7. Report suspicious activity.

This is the golden rule to prevent attacks whether you live alone or with family. Thieves spend a lot of time monitoring the house which they plan to rob. They will either stand or sit nearby your house and keep an eye. If you come across any such person, don’t you ever hesitate to call the police. This will save you a lot of trouble.

8. Fix things immediately.

When you live alone it is crucial that all the things in the home function properly all the time. If and when something is broken or not working correctly, take corrective measures without any delay. It can be your CCTV camera, doors, windows, locks, security systems, curtains, etc. If you notice any of the above is broken, fix them immediately to avoid any theft.

Being a single woman it is important that you follow the above guidelines and stay safe. Don’t compromise your safety over cost.

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