9 Creative Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

9 Creative Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Only a small percentage of the population can afford to buy luxury homes other just dream of it. We have come up with ideas to make your normal home look expensive and luxurious. These are just small tips and tricks which are affordable but convert your home into a luxurious one.

1. Height of the Ceiling

One of the basic aspects of a luxurious is high ceilings. A normal home will have rooms with a height of 10 feet. Luxury homes will have a height of 12-15 feet. We cannot increase the height of your existing rooms but we can create an optical illusion that will increase the height of the rooms. One simple way to achieve this optical illusion is to replace your old window curtains with new ones which are hung from the ceiling. You need to hang the curtains as close to ceilings as possible. Taller curtains will project a taller room and hence give more space and luxury to your existing home.

2. Install Chandelier

I am sure most of you agree that a chandelier is a luxury and royal item. Most people think that chandeliers are expensive and can be bought only by rich people. While this perception is correct it is not factual. You can buy a chandelier for as low as Rs.2000. Just can get a charming chandelier for less than Rs.5000. Just check Amazon or your nearby store. Install the chandelier in the living room. If possible over the dining table or coffee table. This will enhance the richness of your home for sure. Anyone who visits you home will be surprised to find a rich looking chandelier in the living room.

3. Conceal the wiring

One of the basic aspects of interior design is to make the home clutter-free. We don’t need to show off things which create a bad impression. In each and every house, there will be wires hanging from your tv to the set-top box or DVD player. Just install a clean PVC casing and conceal the wires. This will make your living room clean and rich.

4. Install golden or brass curtain tie-backs

This is the most economical home hack which will make your rooms look richer than normal. Just use your old pearl chains or brass chains and tie the curtains instead of a normal cloth or ropes. This will add a bit of royal look to your home.

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5. Add a touch of Brass to everything

If you have visited palaces you would have noticed that most of the things have a touch of gold or brass. Both have different luxury standards and styles. Most of us cannot afford gold but brass is affordable. You can add angles to the following

  • Edges of your tables
  • Edges of your windows
  • On the railings of your staircase
  • On the railings of your balcony.

6. Adding Mirrors

Rich people use the mirror as a home décor item while common people use it for seeing their face. Install large sized mirrors wherever possible. This will enhance the appearance of the home as well as make your rooms look bigger and brighter.

7. Add Marble Impact

Like chandeliers, marbles are also considered as a rich man’s product. You might not be able to afford marble flooring but you can add marbles to other objects. There is a product called marble contact paper which can be bought in home décor stores. You can paste it on the top of your coffee table, counter-tops, shoe racks, etc to create a rich look for your home.

8. Replace Curtain rod brackets

Instead of using a standard curtain rod, buy a fancy designer brackets. This small hack will add richness to your window and door curtains.

9. Add Teak floors

On top of your existing tiles on your bathroom add teak frames. A single teak frame will not cost more than Rs.200. For a standard bathroom size, you can fill the floor with teak and make it look like a luxurious 5-star hotel.

These are just some of the hacks which will make your home look luxurious.

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