9 Vastu Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying A Home

9 Vastu Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying A Home

Whether you are buying an individual home or an apartment, it is safer and better to check for Vastu compliance. You don’t need to hire an expert Vastu advisor for this, instead, you can just use this article as a reference. All you need is a compass which shows the direction. With a compass and this article, you can test the Vastu properties of a house easily.

1. Entrance:

This is the key to the house and that’s where you enter and exit the house on a daily basis. Due to its significance it’s highly recommended not to make any compromise on this aspect. The main door should be located in the north or north-east direction of your home. Any house with the entrance in south-western direction should be avoided at any cost.

Note: If you are buying an apartment and not an individual property, then the entrance to your block is considered as the primary entrance and not your door.

2. Kitchen:

This is where you clean and cook food which is the basic factor for daily life. For optimal effect, having the kitchen in the southeast corner is the best option. Try to avoid homes which have got the kitchen located in the north or east direction.


3. Bathrooms

Both bathrooms and toilets are best placed on the southern or southwest corner of the house. Don’t buy properties where toilets are placed adjacent to the kitchen as this is not proper Vastu

4. Kids room

This is one of the core Vastu concepts which are rarely given importance in Indian society. Even the real estate companies fail to recognize this. According to Vastu a kids room should be placed ideally in north east or north west corner. This is recommended as it will reduce the impact of direct sun rays on your babies and kids.

5. Lifts and Staircase

This is purely for multi-storey apartments which are prevalent in Indian cities now. For ideal output, it is suggested to construct lift and staircases on the south-west corner of the apartment.

6. Windows and Balconies

It is important to get both natural lighting and also air from outside. For best results, Vastu recommends that windows and balconies should be placed facing either north or east direction. This will increase the air flow inside the house and create a positive atmosphere.

7. Exterior

Again this section is dedicated for apartments. As per Vastu, there should be no common wall between 2 houses. Given the present scenario, this is almost impossible to find. Most of the apartments are constructed with adjacent walls. Try to find houses which don’t have a common wall. Having common wall creates mixed energies which are considered extremely harmful.

8. Overhead Water tank

Water is an essential part of any living being. We extract water from underground using a motor and store it at the top of the house or apartment. For storing clean and fresh water, it is recommended to place the storage on the north-east corner of the house. This will enable direct sunlight during morning hours to fall on the tank which helps to purify the water.

9. Common Tips

Try to find a house which has got cross windows placement that facilitates in wind circulation. It is also important to buy houses which have a decent sun shade over the windows that are placed on the south-western direction.

As we said initially you don’t need to hire and pay a Vastu advisor, just check the house yourself with the above-mentioned factors to determine Vastu compliance.

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