Avoid These 10 Common Home Remodeling Mistakes

Avoid These 10 Common Home Remodeling Mistakes

Remodeling a home is one of the important investments you will make in your home. It is important to plan and execute the remodeling accurately within a stipulated budget and time. Most people end up making mistakes in this aspect and that has led us to write this article which lists all possible mistakes made during remodeling.

1. Not having a budget

This is the most common mistake made by people during remodeling. People get carried away when it comes to redoing the interiors and forget about the budget. They end up spending too much which will be realized only after completion. It is highly advised to analyze your house and find your modules which require remodeling and then budget for the same. Add 10% extra cost to the estimated budget and try to stick to the budget.

2. Hiring the cheapest service provider

When it comes to hiring the contractor for remodeling cheapest is not important but the one with the highest amount of trust and experience is required. You are going to remodel your home only once or may twice in your lifetime. So make sure you hire an expert who has a good track record and can deliver services on a deadline.

3. Refining instead of buying

There are a lot of things which can be re-used instead of buying as new. Some examples are sinks, appliances, taps, etc. If you have a stainless steel taps, they can be powder coated and reused again, but you cannot reuse a faucet. For Some appliances, the cost of remaking is almost the same as buying new. So it is important not to do redo everything and instead buy a few newer ones.

4. Buying without planning

One of the biggest components of remodeling is shopping. It is obvious that many people tend to shop things which might not be 100% necessary. Don’t buy appliances which are on-sale, instead buy only those appliances which are in your remodeling plan sheet.

5. Emotional Decisions

Emotional decisions can be both positive and negative for your remodeling project. If you are an expert in remodeling then your instincts and emotions will take the correct decisions, if not you will end up making a big mistake. It is better to hire a professional consultant and get his advice instead of taking emotional decisions. It is natural that your contractor might make mistakes and also delay the completion. This happens most of the time so don’t get emotional and start a fight.

Avoid These 10 Common Home Remodeling Mistakes


6. Ignoring Safety Precautions

This is the mistake made by 90% of the homes when it comes to remodeling. When a house is being constructed the builders follow all safety concerns like wearing a helmet, safety gears, electric proof, etc. When it comes to remodeling we forego all these and end up getting injured. The injury might be small or big, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

7. Focusing only on the Decor

This is the mistake made by most people living in cities. The urban population of India thinks that the definition of remodeling means enhancing the aesthetics of the house. This is completely false. Remodeling involves fixing all the faulty appliances and also making the sure functionality of all the fixtures are improved along with the aesthetics.

8. Not going Eco-Friendly

Any renovation activity planned without going green is a step in the wrong direction. In this industrial age, we need to opt for eco-friendly measures. Some of them are replacing old lights with LEDs, installing water saving faucets and showers, rooftop garden, etc.

9. Ignoring the Appliances

Remodeling your house doesn’t mean only taking care of construction and cabinets. Appliances occupy a large part of the kitchen. It is important to remodel the house which syncs with the existing appliances.

10. Taking wrong measurements

Not taking the correct measurements of the cabinets is the biggest mistake which will completely ruin your remodeling. Even a small deviation will result in a huge loss.

The best approach is to hire an experienced consultant who can inspect your home and suggest improvements which you can plan and implement with a trusted contractor.

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