The Cost of Renovating your Kitchen

The Cost of Renovating your Kitchen

The basic thought of renovating your kitchen is itself scary as it is going to both cost you a lot and also disrupt your daily life. A kitchen needs to be renovated only after a period of 5+ years and in some cases, it is 10+ years. There is no hard figure, you need to decide this based on the condition of your kitchen. The crucial thing is to start renovation the moment you feel it is necessary. Any delays will only alleviate the cost further. Before you start budgeting for the kitchen renovation, you need to figure what are the things that require renovation.

Renovation could mean any of the below things.

  • Fixing an issue
  • Replacing the item
  • Adding a new item to your kitchen

Let us first start by listing out various modules of the kitchen.

Cooking Appliances: Various items like a pressure cooker, Mixer, Grinder, Coffee maker, juicer, vegetable cutter, etc.

Counter Top: You can replace your old counter-top with a new one.  Now we have the options of glass counter top and counter top with more than 2 burners.

Chimney or Ventilation: Chimney is a life long product if maintained well. A chimney requires regular cleaning. In some rare case, you might need to repair or replace chimneys.

Cabinets: These are the basic storage blocks for any kitchen.

Windows: You can replace your old windows with double plated glass ones, which will reflect sunlight and keep your kitchen cool.

Doors: Replace them only after a period of 10 years.

Flooring: If any of the tiles are broken, you can either replace them or redo the flooring using latest available options.

Storage draws under the stove: These are generally made of wood or PVC and have a long life. They might become shaky or prone to water breaks over time.


Lighting: Consider replacing your old lights with energy saving and eco-friendly LED lighting.

Check each of the above-listed items in your kitchen and note down only those modules that require renovation. Do not renovate all the things.

Once you know what is required, start budgeting for the same. Few of the above needs replacement and few might require new additions. Estimate cost of everything. While calculating the cost, do not forget the cost of labor. Consult 2-3 professionals and get their quote.

Set aside 20% of the total budget for unexpected expenses that might arise during the course of the renovation.

Things to consider before starting

  • How will you pay for this renovation?
  • How many days will be required for completion?
  • Will you be staying at home or in some other place during the renovation?
  • Consider the cost of eating out as cooking is not possible during renovation
  • Plan your budget and stick to it, don’t spend on unnecessary things.
  • Maintain a spreadsheet for the estimated expenses vs realized cost.

If you follow the above-mentioned protocol for kitchen renovation you will not only get a smooth kitchen makeover but also save a lot on the cost.

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