How to Cut Down your Electricity Bills

How to Cut Down your Electricity Bills

We are in the midst of summer season and there seems to be no respite from the heat. Chennai is not getting rainfall which is adding to the heat woes. All this is affecting our electricity bills mainly because of the extra usage of AC. During summer we use our AC for longer hours and it also consumes more electricity as the temperature is high. This article will help you in reducing your monthly electricity bill by a good percentage. Here are the tips for the same.

1. Unplug electrical appliances which you don’t use. This can be the likes of TV, water heater, AC, Grinder, Coffee Maker, etc. Though the internal switch is off, these appliances still leak current when plugged in. So unplugging them saves electricity and also reduces the room temperature.

2. Install Solar Panel: Solar is a free source of energy. There is a big one time cost and then you don’t have to pay for a lifetime. You can use it for the water heater or use it a power back up the solar inverter.

3. Use heat generating appliances at night: We live in a tropical country where summer occupies most part of the year. We have our AC on almost all the days of summer. AC will consume more power if the room temperature is high. Electrical appliances like washing machine, oven, dishwasher, etc generate a lot of heat when they are being used. It is better to run them either during early morning or on nights when the temperature is low; this will keep the room temperature at bay.

4. Maintain your AC: It is widely accepted that if you have a dust free and clean working AC, it will consume 15% less power than an AC with a dirty filter. So make sure you clean the filters regularly and also service the entire unit once in a while.

5. Dimmer Switches: It is a wrong idea that dimmer switch is a luxury product. They are not only used to create a good mood but can also be efficiently used to save electricity. Dim the lights when you are not reading or dining, this will save 3-4% of your monthly bills.

6. Use windows and curtains effectively: During summer sun’s heat enters your home through the windows. Make sure you close the windows which are facing the direct sunlight during daytime and open them once the sun has set. Install thick curtains on those windows which are not facing the sun, keep the curtains closed during daytime and open them during the night for the chill breeze to enter. This will keep your house much cooler and will reduce the bill on your air conditioner.

7. Energy saving Electrical Appliances: Companies have come up with energy efficient products which are star rated from 1-5 where 5 being the most efficient. Try to replace your highest electricity-consuming products with 5-star products like AC and water heater, etc. Inverter AC is another good invention which consumes very less power compares to regular AC.

8. Replace old bulbs with LEDs: LED bulbs and LED tubes have taken over the lighting industry in the recent 2-3 years. Their pricing has been reduced by 50% and the government is also promoting their usage. LED bulbs consume 70% less energy compared to CFLs and also have a much longer lifetime. You can easily save 10-15% of your monthly bills with LED bulbs.

These are just some of the tips to reduce your monthly electricity bills at home. There are much more ways to cut off electricity consumption, for more information, please follow us.

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