House Hunting Problems Faced by Bachelors in Chennai

House Hunting Problems Faced by Bachelors in Chennai

If you are a bachelor and recently moved to Chennai, one of the first and biggest hurdles you will face is finding a shelter. House owners in cities like Chennai are hesitant in renting their homes to bachelors due to a variety of reasons. We have come up with possible issues that you might face when you search for a home.

Rejection due to safety and security

One of the primary reasons why owners don’t prefer bachelors is because of safety concerns. It is a common myth that youngsters are prone to doing a criminal activity and this has created a bias mainly for single guys. If you are a single person and looking for a home for rent then you will be facing 100s of questions related to security. Some owners even ask youngsters to get bonafide from a police station that you don’t have any criminal cases.

It becomes even difficult for North Indians

If you are from down south or neighboring states like Andhra or Kerala it is relatively easier to get home for rent. If you hail from a Northern state like Bihar, Orissa, etc then it becomes almost impossible to get home for rent. As a lot of criminal cases have been registered on North Indian migrants, people from gated communities and large apartments have a policy for not letting out home to north Indian bachelors.

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High Cost for bachelors

It is obvious that house owners prefer families for rental than bachelors as families are stable and safe. A house owner might be willing to rent his house for Rs.10000 for a family but if the same house will be rented to a bachelor for Rs.15000. This is a big hassle that each and every bachelor should face. This is one of the main reasons why bachelors prefer to stay with roommates as it reduces the rent burden on them and it is equally shared.

The issue of Roommates.

This is the biggest issue for singles who are looking for a rental. 9 out of 10 times they have to settle for rooms which have roommates. There is no guarantee that all the roommates will be nice and friendly. They might be drinkers, smokers, criminals etc and that further worsen the scenario for house search for bachelors.

Shared rental burden

Youngsters are frequent job hoppers. They often switch job when they are young or get married. So if a house has got 4 roommates and each pay a shared rent of Rs.5000 each. When one person vacates the other 3 has to bear his rent till a new roommate is found. So their rent now becomes Rs.6.2K instead of Rs.5000. Searching for a new roommate is also the responsibility of these existing bachelors.

Single Woman

This is another set of people who doesn’t get home for rent that easily in Chennai. If you are a single woman looking for rent then it becomes extremely difficult to get a home. You will be asked to bring your parents once or get some approval from them etc.

We have tried our best to jot down important issues that a bachelor might face in Chennai to get a home for rent. You can go through the above points and prepare yourself before starting your house hunt.

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