How to Make Your Home Eco Friendly

How to Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Let us first understand what an eco-friendly home is. The objective of an eco-friendly home is to consume less energy and water at the same time reducing the emission of waste materials like carbon dioxide, etc. Recently people have started constructing homes with materials which are environmental friendly too. Now that you’ve a basic idea, let’s see how to convert your existing home into an eco-friendly one.

1. Unplug Electrical devices: A lot of electrical appliances consume power if plugged in and not switched on. Eg: You might have switched off you TV in remote but the switch is on and it might consume electricity. Do a electric audit and make sure to either switch off/unplug devices which are not in use

2. Replace bulbs: replace traditional bulbs and tubes with CFL and LEDs which are more energy efficient

3. Lighting: Keep the curtains open and try to get the best of natural lighting. Avoid using electrical lights during day time.

4. Refrigerator: Keep your refrigerator in a dark place. If you place your fridge in direct contact with sun light, it will consume more energy to keep to the content cool. So try to keep it in a dark place. The optimal space between the fridge and the wall is 7.6 cm. This will ensure required windflow.

5. Low Energy Appliances: These days in India, we get a lot of appliances with star rating. 5 star being the most energy efficient. You can buy your ACs, Fridge, TV, Geyser, Fans, etc.

6. Grow House plants: Instead of using air freshener, try to grow in-house plants. This trend is recently catching up urban Indians.

inhouse plants

7. Refurbish Furniture: Don’t throw away your old furniture, you can always use that wood to make something brand new. Don’t throw away old beds, instead use that foam to make smaller pillows.

8. Repair leaky taps: This is one major mistake which most of the households do. Kitchen sink taps or bathroom taps tend to leak a bit. Instead of fixing it, we tend to use them like that. This results in a lot of water being wasted. So make sure to fix leaky taps as soon as possible.

9. Tap: When brushing your teeth, don’t keep the tap turned on always

unplug electric

10. Showers: Change to showers and hand showers instead of using buckets for bathing. A low flow shower can reduce the water consumption by 35%.

11. Prepare and use homemade pesticides and insecticides: Instead of buying these things from shops which has high chemical content, you can prepare pesticides using household materials and fight insects effectively.

12. Oils: Instead of buying fragrances with chemicals, use essential oils. They are more safe and clean.

13. Try out Woolen bed sheets: Always opt for woolen blankets over polyester ones. Woolen bed sheets are more eco-friendly to create.

14. Try to buy recycled materials: Some examples are recycled toilet paper, recycled papers, etc

15. Install a double flow flush in toilet: This will significantly reduce water wastage. Have two types of flush which disperses different levels of water on usage.

16. Install a Water tank monitoring system: A lot of water is wasted when the over head tank overflows.

These are some of the ways to make your existing home eco-friendly without spending much. There are few other options available too.

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