How to Optimize Your House for Sale Listing in a Real Estate Portal

How to Optimize Your House for Sale Listing in a Real Estate Portal

Generally, when one wants to sell or rent a home, they decide to take the old traditional route of using a real estate broker for the purpose by paying a small commission out of the deal amount. However, in recent times, due to the ever rising number of online property portals on the internet, the trend is shifting towards selling property online. This trend has become increasingly popular especially among the Indian youths and is expected to improve gradually as online selling tends to reduce time and brings transparency to such transactions by providing accurate and valuable information about the project along with experts reviews, etc.

A key aspect of online property sale involves the process of optimization and proper marketing to potential home-buyers which in turn gives the seller the opportunity to select from multiple offers which he or she has received for it. The proliferation of the internet has ensured that the listing reaches all the corners of the world and hence a greater number of potential buyers/renters are informed.

People don’t buy just listings; they buy lifestyles. Therefore, it’s important that instead of just reiterating specs and data one develops a special narrative in their marketing of what it’s like to live in the home. Here are certain things one should keep in mind while advertising on online portals to make it more effective:

Pricing: Price is the main attraction for buyers and by far the biggest differentiator. Underpricing of the property will result in lower returns. But if you overprice, especially when the market sentiment is not very upbeat, the house may not find any takers. Thus, the right price tag will attract more buyers.

Search Engine Optimization: In order to find the best website to list your property, you have to optimize your search using terms as if you are a buyer and looking to buy a property. The websites that show at the top of the search engine results are often the best rated sites and the one most suitable to advertise your property on. One may also use the premium services on such websites to ensure their property is listed on the top in searches.

Quality information: The websites chosen for listing should always provide complete information about the properties for sale or rent in one go, i.e., price, area, proximity to important locations, connectivity, etc. One should look at it from the shoes of the buyer who is going to use the site to find houses. If the website is not user-friendly, the purchaser will quite simply move to another home-selling site. Therefore, it is essential to look from the purchaser’s point of view when listing homes online.

Moreover, never give wrong information. Today buyers are extra cautious and check the smallest of details and very often giving wrong/misleading information can lead to cancellation of the sale very quickly due to the close substitutes available in the market.

photos of house

Find that special something about your real estate listing: When faced with the competition in terms of a number of comparable properties, the listing that comes out on top tends to be the one with a special “It” factor. That can be a feature, like a striking view or good furnishing, or a feeling, like a quaint cottage. Point is, withoutit you’ll be hard-pressed to get buyer leads interested. Write down all the positives you can think of relating to your property and look at similar listings in the area to figure out what would be the major unique selling points for a potential buyer and emphasize on them in the advertisement

Advantage of Photos and videos: Photos and videos are key engagement objects especially in the domain of real estate portals. Home buyers love seeing a video tour of the inside of their prospective new homes as their time is precious, and they want to understand as much as possible about a property prior to visiting in person. Virtual tours are a great way to give a comprehensive, accurate preview of the property for potential buyers. In addition to video tours, consider capturing testimonials on video, too.

With improving technology and less time at disposal in this fast moving world, using these simple yet effective tips while engaging in real estate transactions online can be a real boon as they are quick, easy and rewarding.

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