Important Tips for Finding your Dream Home

Important Tips for Finding your Dream Home

Buying a home which satisfies all your wishes is one of the biggest challenges. You might visit 100s of houses before finalizing one, but will still end up with a small disappointment. To address this issue, we came up with the idea of listing down all points which will guide you in getting your dream home.


Whether you are buying a new property or a used one, it’s always wise to buy from a reputed builder. Each and every city has its own set of trusted and reliable real estate brands. Yes they come at a small premium compared to new builders, but its value for money. If you prefer peace of mind over money, then blindly go for reputed builders.

Water Quality & Availability

Clean and safe water has become a rare asset in cities these days. It is extremely crucial that you get safe drinking water in your home. Get expert’s help and test the water quality; you can always buy a RO water purifier. Availability during peak summer is another concern; make sure you underground water doesn’t dry up.


There is no thumb rule in selecting the best location; it all depends on your preference and lifestyle. If you embrace public transport, then it’s wise to select a location which is well connected. If you own private vehicle, then you can find a cheaper option at a slightly distant location. Some prefer gated communities with all facilities, while other prefers remote secluded location. Others prefer to look for a house near their workplace. So decide accordingly.

Dream Home


Most of the main cities in India today are highly polluted. Everyone knows the situation in Delhi in recent years which has led to government trying odd-even formula for cars. So make sure your location is away from industrial zone and also a bit away from railway tracks, etc

Online Real Estate Marketplace

Ecommerce marketplaces have evolved a lot in recent years. You can filter 1000’s of properties and narrow it down to just a few in a matter of minutes. This saves a lot time and effort for you. You can also make use of them for reviews, cost comparison, etc.

Legal Formalities

The legal framework for real estate investment in India is still evolving. One has to go through a number of steps to complete all legal formalities right from checking EC, sale deed, etc. This might cost you money and time, but try to be patient and complete this without fail.


If you’re buying a house from a partly occupied apartment, then you have the luxury to speak with existing occupants and get their reviews. You’ll get a lot of surprising first hand information which will help you better in taking a decision. You might need to contact them on a weekend.

Auxiliary things

People tend to ignore supplementary aspects when buying a property. Give equal importance for non-home things too like parking, play area, meeting hall, security features, etc

Pest Control

It is highly important that pest control is done before you start moving into your new home. Most people consider pest control after moving in. It is effective when done in an empty home.

The bottom-line is to be patient and spend a lot of time in selecting your dream home. Don’t settle just because you’re in a hurry. We hope this tips helps you to find the right home if you’re still struggling to find why not let Directowners help you find suitable one for all your needs.

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