The Cost of Renovating your Kitchen

The basic thought of renovating your kitchen is itself scary as it is going to both cost you a lot…
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5 Tips to Make the Right Property Investment for NRIs

NRIs are the backbone of the Indian Forex economy. They transfer the majority of their earnings back to India to…
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5 Things to Keep in Mind before Installing a False Ceiling

One of the best pieces of home décor you can ever imagine is the invention of false ceiling. Adding a…
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10 Key Tips for Smooth Home Buying Experience

Buying a new home is not an easy task and people tend to make a lot of mistakes. This article…
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10 Brilliant Ways for Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer

We are just starting April and temperatures are skyrocketing already. There are a lot of talks about heat waves throughout…
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5 Benefits of Exclusive Property Listing

The process of entering into a contract with a real estate agent or real estate portal to sell your property…
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