Pros and Cons of Buying an Apartment on Higher Floors

Pros and Cons of Buying an Apartment on Higher Floors

With fast rising populations and limited space to accommodate the growing number, most of India’s cities are now growing vertically. High floor apartments are increasing becoming the go to option for home buyers both in luxury and affordable categories. But what are the pros and cons of buying an apartment in top most floors?


  • View: If one’s your apartment is higher than the surrounding buildings, one can expect a spectacular view in the horizon especially if located close to a scenic place.
  • Privacy: If you love solitude and wish to avoid any kind of unwanted intrusion and less noice, a higher floor will offer much more privacy than lower floors.In the lower floors, people tend to constantly passing by to access the stairs, elevator, lobby, management office or to enter and exit the building which can be very disturbing.
  • Security: Although, it also depends on the structure of your high-rise and the security measures adopted by the management of your residential society, top most floors pose a comparatively reduced crime risk, as it is easier for anti-social elements to break into lower or sub-level apartments.

  • Light and Ventilation: Topmost floor flats offer ample sunlight, ventilation and lights need not be switched on till it is dark. Not only this, upper floors don’t face mosquito intrusion as well.
  • Peaceful: If you buy a flat on the top most floor, foot stomping, running kids, pets and creaky floors are no longer a concern as It will keep you above the fray of your neighbors


  • Water Seepage:Is the building old? If so, chances are that being on the top floor could leave you open to rooftop leaks or structural problems if proper waterproofing job is not done.It also depends upon the drainage and sanitary mechanism of the residential complex.
  • Access: For most of us, waiting for the elevator can be time-consuming. Choose to live on the ground floor or sub-floors, so you can comfortably take the stairs. Power cuts can make the problem worse.
  • Energy Consumption: Power consumption increases as you go higher. Firstly, because you need to run your air-conditioners (ACs) for a longer time during summers adding to your electricity bill. Secondly, drawing water using motor pumps tends to be another heavy power consumption task.

  • Rental Returns: Property surveys have proved that lower floors command better rental returns, as Indians generally have an affinity for staying closer to the ground. If you are buying a property for an investment purpose, then higher floors might not be the smartest choice.
  • Family Consideration: With kids and elderly parents around, higher floors are not ideal from the safety point and also the convenience factor. In addition to this, if you or someone in your family suffers from mobility impairment or has the fear of height, you should prefer living closer to the ground.
  • Heat and Wind: Simple Science. Hot air rises up making the upper floors much warmer than the lower ones. Although, its ideal in winter, it can become a nightmare in summers especially in cities like Delhi. Also, The higher up you get, the windier it is, so if you have outdoor space, it may feel more like a wind tunnel than a safe haven.

When a buyer opts for the upper levels, developers levy floor-rise charges. Apart from the increased construction costs, the pros of higher floor apartments help developers charge a hefty premium. Moreover, in most of the luxurious condominium projects, top levels are converted as special penthouses and they cost more in terms of per sqft as compared to the lower levels.

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