Things to Consider Before Buying a House in a Gated Community

Things to Consider Before Buying a House in a Gated Community

The idea of owning a home is attractive and appealing, but have you considered Gated Communities as a choice for your dream home?Probably things like safety, security, exclusivity, celebrities, expensive homes, and more came to your mind. But what else lies beyond those gates? And is a home in one of these neighborhoods the right fit for you and your family?A Gated Community is not only a property, but also is a change of lifestyle – and there are multiple factors to consider:

  • Make sure you find the location and the community affable. It is important to invest in a property that is easily accessible. The most desirable investment is one which is located in a gated community which has convenience stores, school and medical facilities nearby.It is also advised that you take a closer look at all the different models available within the gated community. For example, plots with a larger garden area or one that is available with two or more parking spots.
  • What is the security like? Are there CCTV cameras? What is the gate protocol for visitors and workers? If anybody can get in by just asking, you might as well not have a gate. Ask to see a written security protocol. Do some background research and ask about crime statistics for your community from owners or management.

  • Traffic and speeding cars are also reduced behind the gates, making it quieter and safer for children to play and ride bicycles within these neighborhoods. You likely won’t have the morning commute using your street as a shortcut either, as much as they may want to.
  • Since you are planning to invest in a constructed or being constructed property, it is important to invest on a reputed brand if you want to appreciate the value. Brands always matter since they will not compromise on the quality of construction and the basic amenities and facilities provided that they provide as a standard to all their constructions. A good brand may cost a little more than the other builders but they will definitely fetch you better returns as far as the real estate value is concerned.
  • You must be able to strike a balance between a developed locality and a growth corridor to ensure a healthy lifestyle along with good returns on investments.

  • Places with the basic facilities and amenities offered such as elevators, modern security systems, play area, recreational space and other facilities fetch better value than those without these facilities. How do the common areas look? Are the roads in good repair?Is the pool clean or moldy? Street signs legible or askew? Landscaping well-tended or weedy and overgrown? The entrance to your community, in particular, is the face to the outside world. Nothing destroys a community faster than bad PR. The individual homes may look great, but if the common areas don’t, something is amiss.

Finally find out if there is any owner dissatisfaction or unrest with administrator, the developer, or among owners. It’s hard for people to agree on most things, but especially hard when it comes to the place you live. Things can get ugly, so make sure your dream gated community is full of and run by people who share your core beliefs.


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