Tips for Choosing and Applying the Right Paint for Your Home

Tips for Choosing and Applying the Right Paint for Your Home

Painting the home is both fun and also a challenging task. There are many aspects of painting which needs to be considered and taken into account before you decide the color and painting. This blog will be discussing in detail about various factors and tips for choosing and applying the right paint for your home.

1. Know the types of Paint

There are 2 types of paints available in market namely Oil and Latex paint. Clearly, latex paint is the most preferred choice as it is easy to clean and it also has a much longer lifetime compared to oil painting. On the other hand, oil painting is good for wood mainly your windows and doors.

2. Sheen Types

There are different types of sheen available, chose the best which suits your needs.

  • Matte: No shine and best suited for living rooms and ceilings
  • Flat Enamel: This is also similar to matte with no shine, but easier to clean.
  • Eggshell Enamel: This has a mild shine and can be easily cleaned with damp cloth. Best suited for kids rooms.
  • Satin Enamel: This has the right amount of shine and is most recommended for your kitchen and bathroom.

3. Look for Inspiration

When it comes to picking paint colors, you need a lot of inspiration. One of the best places to find inspiration is Pinterest. Just go to the site and search for paint colors and home design. You will find some amazing photos which can guide you to choose colors

4. Buy Testers:

You can buy tester paints in most paint shops today. Get them and paint your walls and experience it after it dries. Try to paint a wide area to get the best impression. Even if you buy 4-5 testers, you will end up finding the best color choice. Also, place some furniture near the paint and see how it matches. Test it during daytime as well as during the night.


5. Identify Paint objects

This is the most important thing even before deciding the paint color. You need to figure out what are the objects in your home that can be painted. These are walls, ceilings, railings, pillars, windows, doors, corners, cabinets, etc. Once you have identified all these objects, write them down and pick a color for each one of them.

6. Create a color palette first

If you are looking for a more professional and best approach, creating the theme and color palette is the best way forward. To create the color palette choose the primary color and secondary color. Additional colors can be added based on these. Sometimes a color palette will be a combination of the same color with different shades and tones.

7. Consider your furniture

The painting also includes painting the furniture. So don’t forget the furniture which creating the color scheme or deciding the paint color.

We have tried to talk about all the important factors for choosing the right paint color for your home. There are some additional points which vary from person to person.

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