Tips to Select the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Tips to Select the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

There are many ways to sell your home like running a classified ad in a local magazine, listing in real estate marketplace portals, using social media platforms, etc but the traditional method is to hire a realtor to sell your home. Realtor is a professional who will take complete responsibility of finding the best buyer for your home at the right price within a decent period of time. It is crucial to select the right person for the job of a realtor. We will talk about various points which will help you in finding the best agent for your home.

1. Look for Experienced Agents

One of the most important factors that will fast track the sale is how many contacts your realtor has. If he has many contacts, he can just ring them up instantly and spread the news of the new listing. People who are in the business for a long time will have more contacts than newer ones. Try to look for agents who have a minimal experience of 5+ years.

2. Consult his recent clients

Before you hire an agent, ask your shortlisted agent to provide you with contact details of his clients. If he has conducted the business well and have a good chemistry with his client, he will be glad to give you few contacts instantly. Give them a call and ask about their experience with this agent. Before calling, ask the agent what is the best time to talk to them and then take it forward. Ask about trust factor, professionalism, commission charged, etc about the agent. If you get a positive response then you are in luck.

Tips to Select the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home


3. Pick a Local Guy

This is the most important factor which will help you sell your property fast. If you hire a person who has been real estate business for years in the same area as your property it has got many advantages like

  • He has good knowledge of the local market and pricing
  • He has good contacts with local potential buyers.
  • People in the area will trust him more
  • He knows well about your property and so he can sell it better.

4. Commission or Fees

Once you have shortlisted the best agent, sit with him and negotiate his fees. An agent generally charges around 2% of the property value as the commission once sold. Ask about his fees and negotiate a deal with him. Few agents might be willing to do the same for a smaller fee to gain reputation. Don’t opt for the cheapest agent as he might never be able to sell your house.

5. Guarantee of Sale

Few agents provide sale guarantee of your property in a stipulated period of time. These agents might charge a bit extra but the sale is guaranteed. Talk to those agents and see if the commission charged is fair. If you like the pricing then give them higher priority.

Given the above factors, you should be able to hire an agent who is well connected and also has good business ethics. There are some agents who inflate the price of the house which will lead to delay and additional problems. Try to stay away from them and look for professional ones.

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